Creating a Discussion


The last time we learned about Discussions and participated in one, we only had student access to that course. Now, we can actually create our own Discussion. Let's get started! 


Why would I Use a Discussion in my Course?

 You may be wondering what the benefits are of using discussion boards in online courses. This page outlines some of the benefits of online discussions. 



Threaded vs. Focused Discussions

One option you have when you're setting up your discussion is whether you want it to be a "threaded" discussion. Canvas has an unusual definition of "threaded", as even the un-threaded discussions (called "focused" discussions) still allow students to respond to each other. I know I have been asking myself “why wouldn’t you want your discussions threaded?” It appears there is some Canvas terminology we need to be sharp on here:

According to their definition,

Focused Discussion :

“One discussion leader typically posts a message and multiple learners comment on it. Participants may leave a side comment to a reply, but cannot develop the conversation beyond two layers of nesting.”

Threaded Discussion:

“One or more discussion leaders post a message and multiple learners comment on it with the freedom to create any number of related discussion topics and comments (infinite layers of nesting).”

To learn more about how you might use these, read…

When would I use Focused Discussions?

When would I use Threaded Discussions?