Customize your Course Navigation in the Settings Tab

The settings portion of your course is only available to teachers. Students won’t be seeing this tab so this is where we put in the different reports just for the teachers themselves. You can see the details of your course, its’ name, what your quota is, and what license that you’ve attached to this content inside of your course. This is also where you can manage the different sections of students; actually see all the people associated with your course according to role. This is also the tab where you add your TA’s. The navigation tab is where you can modify the left navigation of your course. You just drag and drop here to change the order of it and then save that. If you want to hide certain features from students, you drag it below here and that disables it from this navigation. So the settings tab is where you can easily update and see the different users, sections and also modify the navigation of your course.


Hands-On: Customize Your Navigation

Practice customizing your Course Navigation links in Settings
  • Hide the tools you do not plan to use with students
  • Reorder your navigation so it makes sense for your course