Weighted Grades with Assignment Groups

The way you set up weighted grading for your total grade in Canvas is to use "Assignment Groups" on the Assignments page.

Remember--- these groups are for weighted grading purposes only and are not related to the way you organize your course materials (like into weeks or thematic units, for example). The best way to work with Assignment Groups is to look at your course syllabus and make your Assignment Groups match the main course weights.

For example, if your weighted total is broken down like this:

Weighted Total 

Assignments 15%
 Discussions 1-5 10%
 Mid-term Exam 25% 
 Final Project 25% 
 Final Exam  25%
 TOTAL  100%


Your Assignment Groups page should look something like this: 

 Notice how single assignments like the Final Exam and Midterm Exam are placed alone in their own Assignment Group. This lets you make each Exam count for 25% of the total grade. Discussions 1-5 each count for 1/5 of 10% of the total grade because they are grouped together. 

 Assignment Groups.jpg


 Setting up Your Assignment Groups



Hands-On: Set up your Assignment Groups

Take a few minutes to create Assignment Groups for your course's weighted total grade
  • Go to the Assignments Page
  • Create an Assignment Group
  • Enter Your course assignments and drag/drop them into the correct group
  • Set up your course weighted total like in the diagram above.   

Further Reading 

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